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Properly maintained and managed, your pool will provide years of enjoyment. However, pool and spa water with unbalanced chemicals could cause avoidable health issues, premature pool problems and equipment failures, which could amount to more than just an extra cost for your pocket. 


 Filter Media (High-Rate Sand / Glass) Change

When your filter media (high-rate sand / glass) loses it's sharpness and becomes more rounded, it has less ability to capture all the finer dirt and foreign matter being passed through your filter. Backwashing more frequently and high consumption of chemicals can also indicate your filter media is ready for a change.  

 Filter Laterals Change 

Sand / dirt returning to your pool could be a sign that your filter laterals are broken and need replacing. If your filter media (Sand) is old and has been in situ for a long time, this may also be a good time to change this too. 

 Pump Bearings

All things mechanical including your water pump, will, from time to time require a little care and attention. Your water pump should run smooth and quiet and if not, and you hear loud squeeling noises or a very noisy laboured pump it could be that your water pump bearings may need replacing. Some however, have been left too long and further damage means a complete pump replacement.

  Water Pump

There are many areas of a swimming pools operation that can and will contribute to water pump failure including unbalanced water chemicals, pump age, incorrect filter rates, undersized and over worked pumps, plus lots more. 




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